ASPBAE Bulletin July 2016

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Please find attached the July 2016 edition of the ASPBAE Bulletin
  1. Sub-Regional News and Views (Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference 2016)

  2. Ensuring that no one is left behind (2016 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, HLPF 2016)

  3. Working for inclusive, just, and equal alternatives in Asia and Europe (11th Asia Europe People’s Forum, AEPF11)

  4. Youth leaders come together to build capacities on leadership, campaigning, and gender equality in education (Nepal)

  5. Building skills in investigative journalism and reporting in Sri Lanka

  6. Rethinking modern communication through innovative tools and techniques (Information and Communications workshop, Islamabad, Pakistan)

  7. Zeroing in on priorities for a national coalition and a regional platform (Bangladesh National Consultation)

  8. Community-based programmes on literacy, education, and learning essential to achieving education goals (Cambodia National Consultation)

  9. Ensuring a clear process of SDG 4 implementation in Vietnam (Vietnam National Consultation)

  10. Contextualising SDG 4 and Education 2030 to the Nepalese context (Nepal National Consultation)

  11. Community education a key in ensuring lifelong learning opportunities for all (Japan National Consultation)

  12. Calling for increased capacities in advocacy and lobbying work (Sri Lanka National Consultation)

  13. Achieving holistic community wellbeing through adult and community education (New Zealand National Consultation)

  14. Pakistan members elect Country Voting Representatives and build capacities in communications (Pakistan National Consultation and Information and Communications workshop, Lahore)

  15. A ray of hope for a bright future (visit to Bunyad-e-Fatima School, Lahore, Pakistan)

  16. Creating synergy for education advocacy in Indonesia (Indonesia National Consultation)

  17. Linking SDG 4 and Education 2030 targets with local priorities (NCE India Consultation on Education 2030 and Sustainable Development Goal 4)

  18. Supporting coalitions in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands with 2016 plans

  19. 7th General Assembly News - National Consultations for 7th GA wrap up; ASPBAE members select Country Voting Representatives
There are lots of stories to catch up on in this issue. As always, your feedback and comments are welcome. Happy Reading! 
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